Why Wait Until New Year to Achieve Your Fitness Goals?

Get in shape now and look great while you do it. 


It’s easy to get stuck in a negative workout cycle. We beat ourselves up all year that we aren’t eating the right things, hitting the gym enough or fitting in our clothes the way we want to. We then fly into a ridiculously strict regime post-Christmas, falling off the wagon quickly and into the same poor habits. Rinse and repeat – sometimes for years or even decades!


We think it’s time to find a better way. A way where working out is never a chore and where we accept ourselves as amazing whatever our shape and size. A way where we choose a unique workout look that helps us feel amazing. 


Don’t put off your health kick until January, make a change today!


Get Fit for the Right Reasons 


Working out and eating well helps you feel great emotionally and physically. This doesn’t mean following an incredibly restrictive regime or never indulging in those foods that make you happy. It means incorporating more activity into your every day and building a moderate routine that fits into your lifestyle. A great wellness routine works with you and should never leave you feeling stressed or exhausted. Plan a nutrition and workout regime that is achievable.


Choose Amazing Workout Gear 


Working out becomes much less of a chore when you look great doing it. We have partnered with the awesome Plein Sport to bring you some of the most stylish activewear around. We brought together a few of our favourites below to inspire you to better fitness. 




These Leggings ‘Athlete Vivienne’ are sportswear to be seen in. The graphic design draws on urban influences and animal prints in an ultra-bright palette that will leave you feeling energised. Available up to a size XL, wear them with a coordinating vest to turn heads for all the right reasons at the gym.  




The Sweatshirt LS ‘Athelete Lara’ plays with conventional activewear shapes to create a fashion forward look with statement neck. A tropical print in strong red and blue contrasts against black panels for a striking finish that is equally at home on your run or as part of your off-duty wardrobe. 




Great foot support is crucial whatever your workout routine. The Runner ‘Sahara’ offers effortlessly balanced sole support together with gorgeous design detail. Drawing on vintage high-top flavours, the ‘Sahara’ adds the perfect amount of bling to your gym look. Feminine, comfortable and utterly wearable the ‘Sahara’ will transform how you feel about your workout.


Believe in Yourself


You can achieve whatever you put your mind to. You may stumble but if you commit to better health, you can achieve your fitness goals. Remember that fitness comes in every shape and size and your body is beautiful at every step of your workout journey.


Believe in yourself – you are amazing!


Work out with F2B and Plein Sport to transform your workout experience today. 


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